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The Sunfloats Difference

What Makes Sunfloats Floats Better?

Giant pool floats are getting more and more popular, as they are appearing all over the internet / Instagram and in TV shows such as Big Brother. With this, there are many Chinese manufacturers and retailers which are jumping on the bandwagon and selling a cheap, low-quality product.

When we see new low-price floats hit the market in stores around us, we take it upon ourselves to purchase most of these products to see how they compare to ours.


Most of these low-cost floats are made with cheap inks which we find either don't look good originally or fade in as little as 6 hours in the sun! Sunfloats are tested for long term use and will keep their colors no matter how often they're used. NO FADING


We also see these cheap floats being advertised as "giant" but upon opening and inflating them, we have seen some as small as 3 feet which are advertised with photos of adults laying on them! Sunfloats have all our dimensions on each product page. But in our instagram (www.instagram.com/sunfloatsofficial) you can see all our floats in action to get a scale of the true size.  We do not sell the small "ring" floats which we see most of our products advertised as which customers end up receiving.

PVC Plastic

Sunfloats uses a thick, high-quality PVC plastic which is textured, this allows for comfort while on them, no overheating when in the sun for extended amount of time and will not puncture easily. With cheap floats, we find some of them get dangerously hot in the sun and in many cases we saw, they pop when on a beach for no reasonWe saw our floats out-lasting all other floats we tested them to.

Inflation Valves

Cheap floats have a very small low-quality inflation valve, this means it takes ages to blow up the float. Sunfloats uses large, double sealing valves, which do not deflate even when open, allowing for easily inflation, fast deflation and guaranteed seals, so you can not only stay floating longer than anyone else in the pool, but also get your float back in your bag to leave.

In a globalizing world, where products can always be made cheaper and cheaper, consumers should always be aware that quality is always reflected in the price. Sunfloats guarantees all our products, uses the highest quality manufacturers which do not make cheap products, and ensures your float will stand out more than any others.

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