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The Pretzel


$30.00  $45.00

The Pretzel Sunfloat, perfect for those who love crunchy twists and turns. This pretzel will make you thirsty.

  • Almost 5 feet wide
  • A simple inflation valve to easily inflate with a pump
  • Same bouyancy as a donut float
  • Double Salted

Sunfloats unique features include:

The highest quality PVC plastic - With soft-surface texture to ensure comfort and optimal thickness to last you years while saving weight.

Our floats will stay inflated - We only deal with the highest quality suppliers so you can be sure your float will outperform.

The Pretzel weighs just under 2 pounds, so it'll easily fit anywhere you want to bring a treat. Its one of our smallest floats when packed up. Make sure any sand is cleaned off before packing it up.

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